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- Advanced Content
- 100% Hands On Training
- 100% Placement Track
- Flexible Fee Payment

Training Highlights

- Advanced InSkill C
- Automated Unit Tests
- 32-bit Arm Cortex Processor
- InSkill Peripherals
- Serial Protocols
- Multilayer Software Architecture
- Linux Internals
- Data Structures
- C++
- Socket Programming
- Soft Communication Skill Development

An InSkill system is the one that has computer-hardware with software integrated in it as the most significant component. It is a dedicated computer-based system, may be independent or part of a large system with the following components:

1. Hardware: It includes processor, timers, I/O devices, ports, memories, ports, etc.
2. Application software: To perform multiple tasks at the same time.
3. Real Time Operating System (RTOS): It supervises the application software and provides a mechanism to let the processor run a process as per scheduling and perform the context-switch between different processes.

Course objectives

The InSkill systems course is aimed at providing high quality training to software engineers as well as those who wish to enter this field. In this course, students can learn practical lessons and techniques used to design, implement, integrate and test software used for advanced InSkill systems. The course offers the trainees with detailed description of the life-cycle for designing multi-objective and multi-discipline InSkill systems. The main goals behind this course are:

Impart knowledge on designing of real time and InSkill systems Explain the basics of this system Tell about writing a program for an InSkill system Show how to design, run and test these systems

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