Gate Level Simulation Training

About Course

GLS is an important aspect of every SOC verification flow. GLS gives confidence on netlist and the corresponding SDF.

... GLS training is completely practical oriented course with hands on projects with exposure to the complete GLS flow. GLS course focus on teaching all the aspects of GLS from setup, test plan, frequency plans, SDF corners, and non-timing simulations. Course will also focus on various issues faced during GLS and debugging those. Course will involve hands on GLS project using complex gate level netlist.


Need for GLS?
GLS Concepts
How GLS differs from STA
GLS Testbench Setup
GLS Testplan development
GLS Frequency corners & timing modes, significance
SDF detailed overview, SDF annotation
GLS test debug & commonly faced issues
Vector Simulations, evcd, debug
GLS hands on project using a complex gate level netlist
SOC GLS debug concepts

Course videos

Lecture 1 GLS Session1 02:05:44
Lecture 2 GLS Session2 02:02:16
Lecture 3 GLS Session3 02:00:15
Lecture 4 GLS Session4 02:04:21
Lecture 5 GLS Session5 02:01:06
Lecture 6 GLS Session6 2:07:10
Lecture 7 GLS Session7 2:00:00
Lecture 8 GLS Session8 01:07:21
Lecture 9 GLS Session9 02:05:57
Lecture 10 GLS Session6 2:17:22
Lecture 11 GLS Session11 1:25:26

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