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ARM processors are at the heart of every portable electronic device, like mobiles, switches, and portable devices. Low power consumption is the very critical requriements of all battery powered portable devices. This is the most important characteristic of ARM processor that leads to its wide usage in all portable devices. ARM processors are also widely used in InSkills applications. The current requirements of InSkills require ARM processors to do much more than the simple phone processor. The ARM Architecture Training course covers wide range of processors comprising the ARMv7 & ARMv8 architectures.

... The ARM Architecture Training course also gives overview of how ARM processors are targeted across various SoC requirements. It also gives quick overview of how ARM architecture is different with Intel standard IA32 architecture


ARMv8-A architecture overview.
ARM Processor Booting.
CPUSS Architectures.
ARMv8 registers.
ARMv7 and ARMv8 Exception model.
A32 and A64 Instruction set architecture overview.
ARM Memory Management Unit(MMU).
Translation tables.
Address translations.
ARM Memory Model.
Memory Types.
Memory attributes - Cacheability, Shareable.
L1 and L2 Caches.
Cache coherency.
Generic interrupt Controller.
GIC Architecture.
Different types of Interrupts.
Interrupt handler.
ARM compiler, Linker basics.
Scatter files, stack and heap
lst file, tarmac log.

Course videos

Lecture 1 ARM Session1 1:57:51
Lecture 2 ARM Session2 2:50:54
Lecture 3 ARM Session3 3:13:23
Lecture 4 ARM Session4 2:38:22

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