I2C Protocol and UVC Development Training

About Course

I2C Protocol training is focused on learning all the aspects of I2C including architecture, signals, transactions, features, etc. I2C UVC development is focused on developing I2C master UVC and I2C slave UVC. I2C master and slave UVC are validated by connecting each other. This also involves developing scoreboard and checking for checking test case passing.


Protocol overview
I2C architecture
Signal Descriptions
I2C transactions
Multiple Masters, Multiple slaves
UVC architecture
UVC components
UVC types
Master, Slave
Active, Passive
UVC test scenario listing down
UVC component coding
Driver, Sequencer, Monitor, Coverage, Environment
Interface, transaction, Slave model, assertions
Testbench integration
Testcase coding
Simulations and waveform analysis
Functional coverage analysis
Assertion coding and analysis

Course videos

Unit 1 I2C Protocol, I2C Controller Verilog Coding 01:36:39
Unit 2 I2C Controller Verilog coding and TB 01:18:50
Unit 3 I2C Protocol revision 00:04:45
Unit 4 I2C Controller UVM TB 01:03:07

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