AXI2OCP Bridge Functional Verification

About Course

AXI2OCP Bridge is an important aspect of every SOC which requires to connect AXI and OCP interconnects. AXI2OCP bridge converts AXI transactions in to OCP format and vice versa.

AXI2OCP Bridge functional verification using SV & UVM, covers all the aspects of verification starting from reading the specifications, feature list down, testbench development, testbench component coding, register model development, testcase coding and regression setup, debug for coverage analysis. Course gives indepth overview of sequence development, debugging of complete testcases, etc. Course also introduces to functional and code coverage analysis.


Feature list down
Testplan development
Functional coverage point list down
Register list down
Testbench architecture definition
TB component coding
Register model coding
TB component integration
Testcase development
Register access tests: reset and wr-rd testcases
Functional testcase coding
Test case debug
Regression setup using PERL script
Regression and coverage report generation
Functional and code coverage analysis
Updating tests for coverage closure
Adding new tests for coverage closure

Course videos

Lecture 1 Session1 3:00:13
Lecture 2 Session2 3:17:19
Lecture 3 Session3 4:18:16
Lecture 4 Session4 3:33:52
Lecture 5 Session5 3:37:52
Lecture 6 Session6 3:35:25
Lecture 7 Session7 4:35:08
Lecture 8 Session8 4:39:25

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