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Formal verification is focused on multiple aspects including formal property verification, logic equivalance checks, connectivity checks, coverage checks etc. Formal LEC training is focused on both combinational and sequential equivalance checks.

Course also includes a hands on project with explanation on entire project flow, Formality & FormalPro tool overview, inputs files, black box files, constraint files, and failure debug.


What is formal verification?
Different types of formal verification
Formal LEC overview
Combinational equivalance
Sequential equivalance
Transition equivalance
Logic equivalance checks - Setup mode, Mapping mode, Compare mode
FormalPro and Formality tool overview
Input files
Black box files
Constraint files
Hands on project
Debugging failures

Course videos

Unit 1 Difference between static verification and dynamic verification 00:02:34
Unit 2 Fundamental Concept of LEC 00:40:27
Unit 3 Need of LEC 00:08:05
Unit 4 How LEC is done by tools. 00:05:12
Unit 5 Combinational Equivalence 00:06:32
Unit 6 Sequential Equivalence 00:03:45
Unit 7 Transactional equivalence 00:04:21
Unit 8 Tool flow 00:09:00
Unit 9 LEC for full adder design (formalpro). 00:52:29
Unit 10 LEC for gray counter design (formalpro). 00:18:10
Unit 11 LEC for full adder design using formaility. 0:05:43
Unit 12 initial tool setup(1) 00:06:02
Unit 13 analysing detailed comparison report. 00:08:51
Unit 14 running debugger 00:02:06
Unit 15 analysing formalpro cache reports and running debugger 00:06:57
Unit 16 analysing compileDetails.log 00:00:37
Unit 17 running debugger and analysing the mismatches. 00:37:30
Unit 18 debugging gray counter’s mismatch points. 00:34:50
Unit 19 LEC for Dff. 00:07:52
Unit 20 Giving the paths of the projects and assignments 00:00:46

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