UVM RAL register model training with hands on project

About Course

UVM register model(RAL) development training is a 21 hours e-learning course focused on all the aspects of register model development, integration, testcase and checker implementation based on register model. USB2.0 core used as reference design for developing register model, integration and testcase development.

... Register model training include all the aspects of scripting for register model development, front door access, back door access, testcase development, scoreboard logic etc.



Course videos

Unit 1 Register model overview, Base classes 02:54:16
Unit 2 Register model development, integration 01:50:32
Unit 3 Ethernet MAC register model development, integration and testcase coding 02:58:30
Unit 5 SPI Master Core Simulation bring up 00:15:00
Unit 6 SPI Core TB Overview, Register sequences description 01:01:30
Unit 7 Register class methods, simulations 02:29:00
Unit 8 Functional coverage in register model 02:33:19
Unit 9 Register build-in sequences for register and memory checking 01:14:00
Unit 10 Creating tests using build-in sequences 01:52:00
Unit 11 USB RAL Model coding 01:02:13

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