USB4 Protocol Training

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USB4 protocol is the next generation of USB3.2. USB4 works at 40Gbps. USB4 functionality is implemented using various layers including Configuration layer, Link layer and Physical layer.

USB4 protocol training is a 6 weeks course, provides the participants with good perspective of USB4 architecture, various components in USB4 topology, Configuration spaces, in-depth understanding of various layers in USB4 with their detailed functionality, PHY aspects of USB4, Host interface, USB3 Tunnelling and Interoperability with Thunderbolt 3 . Course also gives basic overview of functional verification approach for USB4 controller, however this course does not involve any TB development or the coding. Course also involves 6 detailed assignments to ensure the participants are able to access their learning from the course.

Course completion certificate will be issued based on candidates performance in the evaluation test at the end of the course.


USB Protocol, Link, Physical layers
Design implementation for all layers
Testbench component coding for all layers

Course videos

Unit 1 USB4 Protocol Training demo session 3:36:49
Unit 2 USB4 Protocol SES2 3:57:32
Unit 3 USB4 Protocol SES3 3:00:53
Unit 4 USB4 Protocol SES4 3:31:17
Unit 5 USB4 Protocol SES5 3:30:00
Unit 6 USB4 Protocol SES6 01:03:05
Unit 7 USB4 Protocol SES7 3:07:41
Unit 8 USB4 Protocol SES8 3:14:52
Unit 9 USB4 Protocol SES9 02:06:19
Unit 10 USB4 ASSIGNMENT 01:09:31
Unit 11 USB4 Protocol SES10 01:43:18
Unit 12 USB4 Protocol SES11 02:42:38
Unit 13 USB4 Protocol SES12 01:56:21
Unit 14 USB4 Protocol SES13 02:21:22
Unit 15 USB4 Protocol SES14 01:23:07

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